D&B Legal Services, Inc




D&B Legal Services, Inc first began operations in May of 2003. The owners Bill and Dee Powell, having over 30 years of experience in the legal field, noticed a need in the legal community for a quality Full Investigation Firm. From there they have grown the company to include a full service Investigative Team, Service of Process, a Full Service Courier Team, Background Screening, Skip Tracing, Driving History to name a few. We provide Nationwide Service of Process and in some cases International Service of Process. At D&B Legal Services, Inc we specialize in making each client feel like they are our only client. We are very flexible to the clients needs and wants. Give us a call at 913-362-8110 and let us help you!



Service Team

Bill Powell - Owner/Lead Investigator
email: bill @ dandblegalservices.com

Dee Powell - Owner/Accounting
email: dee @ dandblegalservices.com

James Hannah - Office Manager
email: james @ dandblegalservices.com

Kim - Out of State Service Co-Ordinator
email: kim @ dandblegalservices.com

Scott - Lead Courier
email: scott @ dandblegalservices.com

Bernie - Investigator/Background Screener
email: bernie @ dandblegalservices.com

Jazmin - Service Co-Ordinator
email: jazmin @ dandblegalserivces.com

Samantha - Service Co-Ordinator
email: samantha @ dandblegalservices.com

Linda - Office Assistant
email: linda @ dandblegalservices.com

Andrew - Service Co-Ordinator
email: andrew @ dandblegalservices.com