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Services Provided


Private investigations

D&B Legal Services, Inc is Licensed in Missouri and Kansas. We provide investigative services in and around the Kansas City metro supporting attorneys, businesses and the public at large. Our Staff incorporates over 40 years of experience and specialized training in investigative and legal fields in public and private sectors. Our team of skilled investigators are compassionate, respectful and handle each matter in a diligent manner. Whether you are an attorney, large corporation or an individual, all cases are treated with the same amount of respect and confidentiality. Rest assured that all conversations and documented events are kept in strict confidence. Investigations are completed lawfully and ethically. Our Investigators stay up-to-date on Research tools, equipment, education and resources to provide a professional, quality service.

background/credit checks

Our firm provides background checks and credit checks. Our credit checks are performed using Transunion as the reporting agency.

We offer our clients reliable, complete, and current information gathered from throughout Missouri and in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. We also give you unparalleled customer service and the best overall value for your money. Our background screening process is conducted by a licensed private investigator who knows what to look for and where to look for it.

Our investigators search the public databases available to them to provide you with the most current information available.

What we are NOT is an “Instant” or “super” background check database. Unfortunately there are literally thousands of companies that pretend to provide a background check. These firms are most likely NOT licensed private investigators and almost always run by computer programmers who create a website that allows you to enter information on which automatically searches a few public record databases that are usually old and spits out a report. No human oversight. No hand searches, no real results for you. Beware of these services; they are no bargain at any price.

process serving

Our firm understands the importance of moving your case along. Process servers are the single most important aspect of the legal process. If your case does not get served, your case does not move forward in the legal process. Our process servers are seasoned and most have been with our Firm for over 5 years. We cover the entire Kansas City Metro Area and over the course of more than 10 years we have developed a trusted network of process servers to include nationwide service. We understand our clients needs for professional process servers who are honest and knowledgeable and can get the job done.

Service Levels

  • Routine - First Attempt within 7-10 days, 4 attempts total before expiration.

  • 3 Day Rush - First attempt within 24 hours served within 72 hours.

  • Same Day Rush - First attempt same day served within 24 hours.*

  • Emergency Rush - Drop everything and serve right now.

    *Any service received after 3pm, for same day service, will incur an additional fee.

dark web / deep web research (NEW TO D&B)

The cyber-landscape is dynamic and always changing.  Terabytes of new data are being added to the internet daily.  Millions of people utilize Internet-based resources and social media platforms on a daily basis. Open-source, proprietary and social media data can offer a potential goldmine of information that could include brand information, brand customers, prospective customers, products, competitors and associates.  Posts made on social media platforms could highlight relationships, intent and motivations. Online repositories may contain personally identifiable information and underground marketplaces are always selling stolen information.  Let the cyber professionals with D&B Legal assist you with your data aggregation and intelligence analysis.

Services include:

  • Targeted online data aggregation

  • Social media monitoring and analysis

  • Underground marketplace monitoring and analysis

  • Public domain profiles (corporate footprint)

  • Independent threat research and analysis

  • Crypto purchases

  • Mobile data recovery (additional requirements)

  • Digital Forensics

  • Signals detection


We believe it’s our job to deliver your belongings securely and safely.  Our delivery services span a wide range of items, both large and small. Whether or not those items be legal papers, a package, or any other kind of parcel, whatever is important to you, is important to us.  We are the courier service that you can trust.

We know our way around! Our drivers are local who know the short-cuts and the fastest ways to get from A to B. We ensure that your package will get delivered securely and promptly! Have a question that you need answered?  Give us a phone call or shoot us an email and we will help you with your specific delivery needs.

drone photography

What can a drone do for you in the legal field you ask? We asked that too!

Are you an attorney that deals with auto accidents or job site accidents? Don’t you wish you had a current aerial view of the accident area to analyze all the available information?

With a drone that is now possible. You no longer have to rely on Google maps for an out-dated aerial view of an accident site. Deploy a drone and a FAA certified pilot to survey the area. If the vehicles have been removed from an accident scene more often than not the effects of the accident on the land and road remain. An aerial view of the accident scene can provide you with a unique view not attainable from the ground.